History and Images

of Blacksburg Critical Mass

September 1999

During September's fourth Friday right after rush hour, roughly 60 beautiful bicyclists rode the streets of Blacksburg. For this inaugural Mass of the year, we attained the required permit from the Town of Blacksburg and rode single-file. We did not ride on campus because a VT permit all of a sudden would have required a hefty insurance fee.

Here we massed at the Blacksburg Library and practiced turning curves in the parking lot.
Lookin' on down the line...we stretched out all along Main St. and Price's Fork road.
Arr! Pierre and the crowd promote bike power and exclaim that we should "Tread lightly: Bike to Work!"
Amy and Dylan test the walkie talkies used to communicate from the front to the back of the riding line, while an interested party listens in.

Venture here for even more exciting photos!


Spring 1999

On Earth Day, April 22, 1999, Blacksburg bikers celebrated their most successful Critical Mass ever! With over 100 bicyclists supporting the cause, much awareness was raised. Check out this Newspaper Article.

Before the Mass, pamphlets and petitions were set out to inform participants about bike safety and transportation concerns in the area.
An action shot from the road!

Unfortunately, one participant was pulled over by a police officer and charged with impeding traffic and something to the effect of failure to stop. At court, the first charge was changed to riding two or more abreast, and the other changed in name but remained same in effect. He was judged guilty and fined $100. Case closed, he paid the fine.

Later on in the ride, the police requested that we ride single file for the remainder of our Mass. We did so as a gesture of goodwill and because our route from then on allowed us to do so without harm (we didn't have to take the lane).

Here's the Mass at our midpoint in the HarrisTeeter (now Kroger) parking lot.
And here we are on our way home past the War Memorial on the Drillfield.

Can't get enough? Here are some More Images from the Spring 1999 Critical Mass.

Fall 1998

On October 5, 1998, once again about 60 Blacksburg bicyclists critical massed to advocate bicycle use. Check out this Press Release for more information.

Spring 1998

On April 21, 1998, about 60 Blacksburg bicyclists converged into a critical mass to advocate bicycle use. Read this CT article to learn more.

Bicyclists mass on the Drillfield

Photo: J. Jones

Rollerbladers and skateboarders also participate, to show that they also create one less car!
Massers talk to eachother about biking issues before (and during and after!) the ride.
Coming 'round the bend of the Drillfield for our glorious finish.


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