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slac.com and gnosis today

Today, slac.com is a truly collaborative effort between the administrators and users. The gnosis.slac.com machine currently serves all functions for the slac.com domain. The basic purpose remains the same: To give friends an e-home. But, as evidenced below, the users have also given back to the system, in the true spirit of slac(tm).
Monetary Contributors
Monetary contributions are used to offset the cost of hardware purchases, as well as to offset the $35/year domain fee required to keep the slac.com domain.

slac.com and gnosis history

The slac.com domain was registered by Joe in July 1995.

Originally, there were actually two machines associated with the slac.com domain.

Joe owned the slac.com machine, and Christian owned gnosis.slac.com. Dan also made a contribution to the gnosis hardware.

The machines had different (but somewhat overlapping) user bases, and both existed for the same basic purpose of giving friends an e-home. Eventually as the user bases grew, it became apparent that a merger was the wisest use of the hardware, temporal, network, and administrative resources.

In June of 1997, the machines were merged.
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